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THE MAGICAL CHRISTMAS TREE written and illustrated by L.M. Haynes Author and illustrator L. M. Haynes has created a quintessential Christmas story in his illustrated children’s book titled The Magical Christmas Tree. Interleaved with full page drawings, he captures the storyboard tale of the Scott’s family, starting and running a Christmas Tree Farm in Vermont. The galley text layout along with the many illustrations brings The Magical Christmas Tree into a “Best in Class” genre of children’s books – and given the minutia of detail weaved throughout the book, it generates the credibility of being a true story in which parents and adults would also enjoy just as much. This is a book which is a “must- have” for all growing families of faith, love and hope. Laurence M. Haynes is a licensed land surveyor whose hobbies include music, sports, and illustration. His interest in illustration and wanting to influence the lives of young people in a faith-filled and positive way has led to the creation of this book and Legacies along three previously published books entitled The Christmas Time Travelers, The Littlest Patriots, and The Vanishing Doorknob. A father of three adult daughters, Catherine, Christina, and Bernadette, he is an active member of St. Edward the Confessor Parish in Syosset, New York, where he and his wife Amy reside. https://www.amazon.com/Magical-Christ… https://lmhaynesbooks.com/books/ http://www.bluefunkbroadcasting.com/r… LEGACIES written and illustrated by L. M. Haynes Author L.M. Hayes has created a children’s book with a deep moral fabric in his book titled Legacies, which makes readers ponder the topic of what will be left to others after one dies. Just what would be your legacy left to others? He brings out the values needed to prepare for death by living your life in truth, tradition, unconditional love, and most importantly, having an unyielding faith in God. Surely money is a part of a legacy, and it is pointed out leaving a deed for a home, or stocks and bonds, or any valuables to your surviving family is one common and key aspect. However, by using the narration of Father Ed within the book, the readers are shown that a personal hand-written letter to children, for example, with instructions “Not to be opened until after my death,” can be a very profound way to implant a legacy of love, admiration, and proudness to children. He calls those “Letters of Love.” Forgiveness and unconditional love, as Jesus and The Holy Father teaches us, are qualities to form a legacy. By using the examples of pets, dogs and cats in particular, only wishing to receive love and give love, are illustrated both artfully in his drawings and articulated dearly in his text. Adhering to the traditions which surround the Christmas season also tells of the legacy of such customs which are passed down through generations. The author goes on to tell the story about Brian Ketridge, age 11, when he was diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer. Brian’s family escalated their grief as Brian grew weaker by the cancer, yet Brian’s inner strength based on faith, demonstrated to others it isn’t the length of time on Earth which values a life, but the blessings and love shared while alive. Brian never said, “Why me?” The last chapter tells of the final days of Jesus when he arrived in Jerusalem, prior to his crucifixion and resurrection. With Biblical details, readers will be told the story in a way a young child could understand what happened. I noticed a “cameo” of one of the author’s other books, The Christmas Time Travelers, being read to children as a bedtime story in an illustration. L.M. Hayes is prolific in his authoring many books; providing artfully detailed illustrations, and now with Legacies, it will certainly become a milestone in his loving legacy to his family, children, grandchildren, and those who follow in future generations. This is certainly an important addition to all family libraries with children. https://lmhaynesbooks.com/books/

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