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The Christmas Time Travelers by L. M. Haynes is a very original and fascinating Christmas

story – one which is definitely a unique twist on the First Christmas for kids growing up,

especially if they are dog lovers!

In this tale, an inventor builds a time machine in which he decides to do a test on Christmas

Eve. So, once he readies the machine and sets the automatic return timer for eight hours,

he gets distracted by Christmas Carolers at his front door. Before he realizes it, his three

dogs have run into the time machine and the gadget’s door closed behind them – then,

poof…the machine disappears. Realizing what has happened, the professor is saddened

to have lost his three loved dogs, and his time machine.

The next part of the book tells the story from the time-traveling dog’s perspective, as they

come across the Nativity scene of Jesus Christ being born. The dogs witness, first hand, the

miracle of that evening. After a few hours, the trio of K-9s find a comfortable spot in the

barn, and nestle down in some hay and drift off to sleep. Lily, one of the dogs, gets a little

restless and decides to explore the barn while the others sleep.

Lily brushes up against the blue blanket used to wrap the baby Jesus in his crib, and a piece

of the blanket gets caught in Lily’s collar. The professor realizes the timer was set for eight

hours, and as that time is approaching, he sits in a chair to await the return of his time

machine. Sure enough, at the right moment, the time machine reappears and the dogs are

within; healthy, happy, and glad to return to their home. Only this time, there is a piece of

the blue blanket still attached to Lily’s collar as physical evidence of the dogs’ journey to

the First Christmas, and back.

The illustrations by the author bring together the story with a visual theme making it an

ideal bedtime story to be read to youngsters, especially during the holidays. Having the

physical evidence of the blanket reinforces the faith of the professor, yet as the moral of

the story says each of us needs to find our own evidence of our faith.

The book ends with a quote from John 20:29 – Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen

me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

As the piece of the blue blanket was the proof for faith to the professor, all readers will

need to find their own evidence to their faith, as The Christmas Time Travelers brings to all’s


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