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Laurence M. Haynes’s The Christmas Time Travelers 2: The Professor’s Journey invites young readers to go with Professor Malcolm McDougal as he travels back in time to Christmas Eve in Bethlehem. In book one, readers met his three pets: Lily, Benji, and Karat. Two years ago, Lily, Benji, and Karat accidentally traveled to Bethlehem. They traveled there and brought back a little something that has always stirred the professor’s curiosity. Now, on this eve of Christmas, he decides that he must travel back in time for himself in hopes of catching a glimpse of the wonderful sight his pets must have seen.

In Laurence M. Haynes’s The Christmas Time Travelers 2, the professor and his pets are a warm and cozy family, especially with the addition of a new rambunctious puppy named Jem. Then, of course, there is the time machine, an extraordinary addition to any home. When the professor decides to travel back in time, he makes sure he is ready to do so in the most realistic of ways. He takes specific steps to ensure his pets will be fine in his absence. Upon his arrival in Bethlehem, Professor McDougal encounters some surprises. For personal reasons, he does something that many other people would have done without any second thought. However, as a Christian, he realizes that he must do only the right thing. Hence, the most important part of his journey is the understanding he gains of just how personal the Christmas experience is and how important it is to let people discover it for themselves. Learn more

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